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Unusual London Spots

The “Tired of London, Tired of Life [^]” Blog is all about the variety that can be found in London.  The title of the blog comes from Dr Samuel Johnson’s [^] “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Open Tower Bridge

Any blog that can veer between the magnificent glass and ironwork of Paddington Station [^] to a knitting shop [^] in a few days does a good job of illustrating Dr Johnsons view. Sure not every place is going to be your cup of tea, but you may just find something interesting that you wouldn’t have known about or considered.

This one is going into my feedreader so that I can keep an eye open for new places to visit on our next trip to the UK.

Spring Has Sprung

Melbourne’s weather is doing what it does best; changes every five minutes. But there have been a few warm days now and a fair bit of rain, which is a relief given that we are in a 12-year long drought [^].

Strathbogie Lamb

This little lamb was only a few days old in April, and had been left to have a sleep my mum. This presented a wonderful opportunity to creep up and get a few close-ups.  Once used for photographic purposes a family reunion was swiftly organised.

Spring and lambs are two things that go hand in hand, even though here in Victoria lambing mostly happens in April and May (Autumn).

Whacked-Out Wallabies

The BBC has a story about wallabies causing crop circles [^] in Tasmania’s opium poppy fields. Apparently the wallabies get into the fields and sample the produce. Under the influence they then bounce around in circles until they crash – result, natural crop circles.

Tasmania Poppy Field - Scottsdale Jan 1998

Northern Tasmania is one of the few places in world that poppies are legally-grown, with Australia producing around half of the world’s total output. The highly regulated opium poppies are used in the commercial production of codeine and morphine [^].

The above photo is a poppy field waiting to be harvested, taken near Scottsdale [^] during the CannibalRabbits Tour of Tasmania in January 1998. Yes, there is just a a normal farm fence, about waist-high, separating the field from the road – and a scary “Keep Out” sign!

Lake Wendouree – Swimming Not Recommended

It was only a photo similar to the wikipedia one below on Nothing To Do With Arbroath [^] that reminded me about Lake Wendouree.

Lake Wendouree [^] was one of the stand out attractions in Ballarat for Ballarat people. The problem is that despite the name, the lake [^] is dry and has been almost completely bone-dry since October 2006 – two and half years ago. 

To add insult to injured pride the “lake” experienced several fires over summer (Ballarat’s Courier Newspaper [^] and The ABC [^]). All of this got overshadowed by the outbreak of the more serious Victorian Bushfires in February. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

Lake Wendouree - No Swimming

It is sad to hear that the lake has suffered such indignities. I spent a good few afternoons wandering around Lake Wendouree while I was in Ballarat. And there may have been the odd late-night ramble past it on the way home from a night out on the town. Let’s hope that the lake is soon returned to it’s former glory.

Bush Fire Moon

With the recent Victorian Bushfires (Bush Fires, Update, Contained) we have had some wonderful sunrises and sunsets. I managed to get this photo from our back steps, just above our next-door neighbour’s roof. 

Bushfire Moon

The only good vantage point I had for a sunrise was through the kitchen window. The fly-screen meant that I ended up with strong strobe effect, so no joy there.