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Weston-super-Mare: Pier Fire

I got home tonight just in time to see some of the footage of the fire at the Grand Pier in Weston-Super-Mare.  The Grand Pier is very much a key piece of the Weston landscape, and a landmark of the sea-front.

Weston Grand Pier

The Grand Pier - Wikipedia Commons - RodW


(Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons – RodW)

Weston was a great part of my childhood, with frequent family day-trip by train to the town though summer.  It must have been a logistical nightmare – usually at least 6 adults and 4 children – up for an early train loaded up with provisions for the entire day. 

The visit to the Grand Pier, and pouring  a hand-full of 1p pieces through the one-armed bandits was always a much anticipated way to cap-off the day.  I’ve heard from two cousins to let me know of the bad news (thank-you, Linda and Nicola), that’s some sort of an indication of what this place means to us all. 

Yes, we had freezing-cold days on the beach there, and showery days, but we were on holiday.  But it was deck-chairs, buckets and spades, sand-castles, ice cream, fish and chips, and the Pier were what Weston was all about. 

Last year, on our honeymoon, Mrs CannibalRabbit and I managed a flying visit just after the Pier had closed-up for the day, and we had fish and chips on the promenade.  Then I had one of my childhood questions answered; what’s it like when everyone has gone home?  Just like it is during the day – only without all of the people.  Now I just wish that I had bothered to walk down the sea-front a little way and got a photo from the other side of the pier, into the sunset.

Grand Pier Sunset

Grand Pier Sunset - CannibalRabbit - May 2007

Summer Wanders #2: Hastings

Hastings was somewhere that I hadn’t been before; quite an admission when you spend 15 years living within 20km of the place!  I had always thought that there wouldn’t be too much to see there.  The only things that associated with the place were the Esso-BHP Oil Refinery, and the BlueScope Steel plant.  They are not what I would consider great sight-seeing opportunities!  What we found was quite different; a small fishing town, a busy boat ramp, and wildlife.

However it turns out that Hastings [^] is home to the most southerly mangroves in the world, and pelicans.  The only thing that seems a bit out of place is the oil tanks in the mangroves.  Along with the wonderful natural resources, the jetty is colourful and well populated.

Hastings Pelican Hastings

Up Again

On Wednesday 5th December, I managed to get another hot air balloon flight over the city.  It was a beautiful, still and reasonably clear morning.  Nowhere near as nice as out wedding day, especially as Mrs CannibalRabbit wasn’t there.  We took off from Fawkner Park and came across the south-east corner of the city from Crown Casino to Spencer Street / Southern Cross Station, landing in Fairbairn Park on the banks of the Maribynong River.

Balgownie Estate Balloon - 75 Yarra River - 75 

There are more photos over on the Gallery – so feel free to head on over there.

Where the Farck is Yarck?

The other day we ended up at the Yarch Hotel for tea – not a bad meal.  Mrs CannibalRabbit had to go to the Yarck Adult Riding Club AGM there.  Yarck is one of those places that seems to have nothing about it on the internet, it’s one of those places that most people pass through without even thinking about it.  Yarck is on the road to the snow at Mt Buller, and Lake Eildon (Bonnie Doon).  For us it’s on the way to the farm up at Strathbogie.  It was nice to be able to get some photo’s on our brief stay, rather than just breezing through.
YarckYarck Motor GarageYarck Landscape (Click to Enlarge)

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More Wedding Photos

Yes the CannibalRabbit has extracted a digit and got some more wedding photos up in the Gallery [^].  Go check them out.

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