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Photo Gallery Launched!

At long last I have started to put some photos up for everyone to look at.  If you are interested there is a new item in the Blogroll on the left-hand-side – or you can go straight there using this link [^].  There are only nine phots there so far – but plenty more to come.

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Echidna – Upclose & Personal

Echidna - Upclose & Personal

I have found echidnas to be a touch tricky to take photos of in the past.   As soon as they see you coming the head ducks down and they start to dig in.   If you are patient usually the nose will peek out – but as soon as you get the beep of the auto-focus snapping-in that’s it, all you get is a small mound of prickles!   This one however was quite accommodating – that may have had something to do with all the ants around at the time – they don’t call them spiny ant eaters for nothing!

Australian Echidnas are one of only three species monotreme, egg-laying mammals, in the world – more details about  Echidnas can be found on the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries and Water Website  [^].

Echidna LeftEchidna - Upclose & PersonalRHS Echidna

Mt Wombat – New Years Day

Here are some photo’s that I took when we went up Mt Wombat (799m) just outside of Strathbogie on New Years Day.  

At the top there is a firetower that is manned all through summer.   With fires active all around the area, and around three sides of Mt Buller it was not a quiet day.   At this time of year around Strathbogie there is usually still a touch af green to the paddocks but  not this year, brown grass and bare earth are all that can be seen.

Mt Wombat Firetower

Sorrento from Rye Pier

On Sunday we headed down the bay to Rye to see the sand-sculptures. On the way back to the car we decided to walk up to the end of the Rye Pier to have a look around, and saw one of the Spirits of Tasmania coming in to Melbourne. While we were out there we saw that we had managed to find a window of sunshine while we walked around; and there was another storm rolling across Port Phillip Bay. This provided some dramatic lighting for Sorrento while leaving Blairgowrie in shadow.

Seascape - Sorrento.JPG

The View from the Hard Gate

This is just next to where I took the photo’s of the Alpacas, looking the other way from the gate.
View from the Hard Gate.JPG
You can make out Mt Wombat on the right in line with the boundary fence, and Galls Gap Rd running through the middle of the photo as a vague straight line. The Walker’s new house is just visible about of a third of the way in on the right hand side.