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Australian Tablet Plans

I’ve looked at tablets, and I’m not too worried about the Android and Apple choice. The key thing is that it just has to work and keep on working. Basically I want a mobile data connection wherever I am. For the most part that’s in metropolitan Melbourne, most likely at home or at work.

Galaxy Tab 10.1iPad2Motorola Xoom

But the thing is I have questions, and I haven’t been able to find answers. None of the Australian mobile phone comparison sites cover tablets. Surely the concept is no different to mobile phones, just without the phone bit and anyway almost no-one uses a smart phone as a phone!

Is there anywhere that can tell me what is the best tablet plan in Australia?
Is it better to get a tablet (a GalaxyTab 10.1, an iPad or a Xoom) on plan from one of the mobile phone companies?
Does it work out cheaper to buy a 3G tablet outright and get a data plan / sim from your preferred company?
What about getting a WiFi tablet and using the saving to buy a wireless 3G hotspot?

Does anyone know? Or have I found a hole in the mobile phone comparison sites?

CannibalRabbit Family at Lake Eildon 2011

After the Alexandra Show, where Monty got Best of Breed, we headed up to the Lake Eildon [^] dam wall at Eildon. After a wet year the lake is almost full, something that has only happened six times in the past 50 years [^].

CannibalRabbits at Lake Eildon

Mary and Max

Mary and Max

Mrs CannibalRabbit and I shuffled into the City a few months ago to see the Mary and Max exhibition [^] at the ACMI [^]. Mary and Max [^] is the story of a trans-Atlantic pen friendship between Melbourne girl Mary, and New Yorker, Max, which spans twenty years. The free show has many of the props, sets and characters used to make Adam Elliot’s stopmotion claymation movie. The items on display were salvaged at the end of filming, the rest being destroyed.  Also on display are making-of videos and interviews with Adam.

Even though we haven’t seen the film we both enjoyed seeing how it was made and seeing some of the behind the scenes tricks. The teasers we saw at ACMI have been good; now we just have to sit down and watch the DVD.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 6th June 2010. Coming up later in the year is a Tim Burton exhibition, covering all of his work up to Alice in Wonderland.

Happy New Year 2010


It looks as though this might be the only fireworks seen in Melbourne tonight. A cold change has just rolled through bringing lightning and some good rain. This will put a real dampener on the celebrations in the city this year, even if it clears before midnight.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Tilt-Shifted AEC Bus

I have mentioned tilt-shift photgraphy before with the Monster Truck Rally [^]. Well now everyone can turn their own photos into something similar with the tilt-shift generator [^] at Art&Mobile. All I need to do know is go and dig out some more suitable photos to play with.

MET Liveried AEC Bus

MET Liveried AEC Bus

This is my first attempt, a photo of a MET liveried AEC Bus.  The bus was was running a shuttle service between the Yarra Valley Railway’s [^] Healesville station and the Healesville Memorial Hall during the 2009 Healesville Railway Show.

This Melbourne & Metropolitan Tamways Board AEC Regal III was in service on Melbourne’s inner city routes from the time it was built in the 1953 through until the mid 1980s. The bus still has the posters and advertisements that it would have had when it left service with the MET, which is in itself a practical history lesson.