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Bush Fire Moon

With the recent Victorian Bushfires (Bush Fires, Update, Contained) we have had some wonderful sunrises and sunsets. I managed to get this photo from our back steps, just above our next-door neighbour’s roof. 

Bushfire Moon

The only good vantage point I had for a sunrise was through the kitchen window. The fly-screen meant that I ended up with strong strobe effect, so no joy there.

Run Rabbit Run Run

Tourism Victoria revisited the Flannagan & Allen classic “Run Rabbit Run” to promote the Yarra Valley.  It is beautifully shot in a country house setting amongst the vines, and the song is perfect for the setting.

I have always enjoyed the song.  But once it was pointed out how creepy the Hotelier is that made it even better.  


Is it just me, or is this guy out on a hunt?  Think “You will never leave” rather than the “You will never want to leave” tag line! 

I think it’s going to be a bit more than rabbit going in those pies.  Good work Tourism Victoria, much creepier than the last M Night Shyamalan movie I saw.

Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2008

No sooner had I spoken about our trip to the Tulip Festival at Tesselaar’s last year, and Mrs CannibalRabbit is back there again.  Mrs CannibalRabbit took some wonderful photos of the outing – here are a few of the best.  There are beautiful spring colours everwhere, just what we need to lift us out of the winter doldrums. 

burgundy and white tulip

burgundy and white tulip

tulip field 2008
tulip field 2008

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Stubby Symphony

Those good people at CUB have managed to improve the iconic Victoria Bitter (VB) theme tune.  VB is probably the one beer that you can get right across Australia (we’ll have no Fosters here).  I’m not saying that it’s good, just that you can get it in any pub or bottle shop.

vb stubby symphony

Together with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, CUB have put together an ad campaign, and online companion site, The Stubby Symphony [^].  The advertisement features the MSO playing theme music by blowing or tapping Stubbies [^] or bottles of VB.

As the ads say: “… a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer you can get it … ” conducting an orchestra or writing a post, matter of fact I’ve got now.

Youtube has some of the originals – VB Ad from 1984 [^] from 1974 [^].

Tulip Festival

Spring has sprung, Melbourne is sunny and warm.  Hopefully this means that the worst of the cold weather is over for another year, but we could still do with lots more rain.

Red Tulip

We know that Spring is here because Tesselaar Tulip Festival [^] has started, and runs from 11th September through until 8th October 2008.  The festival is a celebration of tulips and their fabulous variety colours. 

The Dandenongs have long been a stronghold for Melbourne’s Dutch community, and the festival gives the family and employees a chance to showcase Dutch culture.  Everyone working at the festival is turned out in traditional Dutch costume and clogs, and there are stalls selling poffertjes [^], and tulip bulbs and cut flowers.

Last year Mrs CannibalRabbit and I spent a few hours walking around the tulip fields and taking photo’s.  It’s probably not something that you would want to do every year – unless you are a Tulip fanatic – but it is definitely an interesting couple hours.