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Monty – 1st Place Junior Dog

Susan and Monty have just come back from a win at the Royal Melbourne Show, the biggest dog show in the southern hemisphere. Together they were awarded 1st Place in the Junior Dog Class for Welsh Corgi (Pembroke). Congratulations to them both.

Monty RMS Junior Dog

Monty RMS Junior Dog Bench

Vivid Sydney

Sydney hosted the Vivid festival [^] from 27th May to 13th June 2011, “a festival of light music and ideas”.

Luckily it was on while we were in Sydney for Mrs CannibalRabbit and a friend to Mary Poppins the Musical. That gave me something to do while they were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ing and Chim-Chiminey-ing. That was a hike along the length of the Sydney CBD in the rain! But it was worth it.

One thing that would have been nice was a tripod, but we were travelling light – carry-on luggage only. With a bit improvisation I got some reasonable photos, most of them using the Sydney Harbour Bridge to lean the camera on. Circular Quay was just teeming with people, all trying to take photos so the extra height from the Bridge helped.

Vivid Sydney Opera House

Monty’s First Big Win

Monty has managed to get his first big win, just after his first birthday. On Saturday at The Oak Championship Show Monty took out Best in Breed for Pembroke Corgis. All in all a good day out by the airport.

This has given both Mrs CannibalRabbit and Monty a nice confidence boost, and recognition of 6 months of hard work showing. Only another 92 points to go until he gets the Champion title.

Susan and Monty - The Oak Championship Show

Monty May 2011

With a little help from the other members of the Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria we managed to get a nicely posed photo of Monty on Saturday.

Monty May 2011

It took quite an effort to get him to stand right and to get keep his attention – thank you everyone.

Lunar Perigee

The moon has come as close as it gets to the Earth tonight (19th March 2011) Perigee. This means that the full moon appears 14% larger [^] and 30% brighter than normal, the largest full moon we have had since March 1993. Luckily here in Melbourne we were blessed with a clear sky, but the mosquitoes were biting well!

Click through for a bigger version of the photo.

Moon Perigree 1