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Best Minor Puppy in Group 5

Monty 13-Feb-2011

Monty and Mrs CannibalRabbit took out Best Minor Puppy in Group 5 at the Berwick All Breeds Kennel Club show on Sunday (13-Feb-2011). They were also awarded Reserve Corgi Dog. Congratulations to them both, the hard work is beginning to pay off.

Group 5 is the working dog class. Winning the group meant that they went on to compete against all of the other best in group Minor Puppies (6 to 9 month olds) in the show. The photo below is a moment in the Best Minor Puppy in Show ring when the judge’s concentration was elsewhere.

13-Feb-2011 Best Minor Puppy

Monty December 2010

Back due to popular demand we have another Monty photo. The ears are up properly, and he’s getting a nice corgi-shaped head. He and Mrs CannibalRabbit are well into Dog Shows now. Monty has now won a couple of firsts in his class, and managed to get Reserve Dog (second place) a fortnight ago.

Monty Dec 2010

Beechworth – Sigrid Thornton

We were in Beechworth three weeks ago for the Ned Kelly Festival 2010 [^]. The festival commemorates the committal trial of the outlaw Ned Kelly [^] in 1880 after his capture at Glenrowan [^].

There was an added attraction for many people, beside the re-enactments, with the appearance of The Man from Snowy River’s Sigrid Thornton [^]. The local media were out in force.

Sigrid Thornton - Beechworth

Self Portrait

The February sun and the angle don’t do me many favours but here goes anyway.

CannibalRabbit Self Portrait

CannibalRabbit in farm attire in the middle of a paddock, looking very chunky!

Liddle Fact No.220

Spring Valley juice bottles have a Liddle Fact [^] under the lid.

Liddle Fact No 220

Number 220 is “Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water”. It’s the only one so far that has made me stop and think. Does this mean that we should be making desalination plants out of penguins?

Korimco Penguin Russ Penguin Bear

And yes, penguins do drink salt water [^] and excrete the excess salt out through special glands.