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Lino-cut Print Making

I love watching someone who is good at their work. They make fantastic results look easy. I guess the practice helps, and all the preparation that goes into making the end product.

The Guardian has a four minute video that shows Paul Catherall [^] working on a commission for Transport for London (TfL) called Shaping the City. This give you an idea of the skill, time and hard work that go into producing something that looks as good and uncluttered as these two prints.

London from Primrose HillSt Pancras Station

And there are plenty more to check out at the Paul Catherall Site [^] and the London Transport Museum Shop [^]

Tiananmen Square

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square uprising over democratic reforms in Beijing on 5th June, 1989.

NYT-Tiananmen Front Page

So effective has been the suppression of the events in Tiananmen Square even 20 years on this image is still not widely recognised by young people in China. Indeed China has cracked down to ensure that the anniversary is not commemorated, banning foreign reporters from the Square, and searching locals entering in (The Age – US urges inquiry [^]) to prevent any demonstrations.

The Lens, the photojournalism blog of the New York Times, has posted “Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen [^]”. It shows four photos from different viewpoints of a lone man facing a column of tanks. The post also gives the photographers the opportunity to report the event leading up to this moment, and the risks that they took to get the images out of China to the rest of the world in the pre-Internet age.

Interestingly, a photographer, Terril Jones, has come forward with “A New Angle on History [^]”. This a previously unseen view of the Tank Man, the only image taken from street level. Mr Jones did not realise until he had returned to Japan what he had managed to capture, and missed the opportunity to have the photo published. Thankfully, an appropriate moment has now arrived.

In “Classic Photo Redux” we posted a copy of Mike Stimpson’s Lego recreation of the NY Times front page photo. Anything that keeps the atrocities of two decades ago in everyone’s minds needs to be commended. Democratic reform in the world’s third largest economy still hasn’t happened.

Tilt-Shifted AEC Bus

I have mentioned tilt-shift photgraphy before with the Monster Truck Rally [^]. Well now everyone can turn their own photos into something similar with the tilt-shift generator [^] at Art&Mobile. All I need to do know is go and dig out some more suitable photos to play with.

MET Liveried AEC Bus

MET Liveried AEC Bus

This is my first attempt, a photo of a MET liveried AEC Bus.  The bus was was running a shuttle service between the Yarra Valley Railway’s [^] Healesville station and the Healesville Memorial Hall during the 2009 Healesville Railway Show.

This Melbourne & Metropolitan Tamways Board AEC Regal III was in service on Melbourne’s inner city routes from the time it was built in the 1953 through until the mid 1980s. The bus still has the posters and advertisements that it would have had when it left service with the MET, which is in itself a practical history lesson.

Salvaging Flight 1549

Wired have just run a story about the salvage operation [^] for US Air Flight 1549.

US Air 1549 was the flight that landed on New York’s icy Hudson River [^] in January 2009. Luckily all 155 people on board survived, mostly due to the skill of the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, and quick thinking ferry operators.

US Air 1549 - Stephen Mallon

Interestingly only one photographer, Stephen Mallon [^], was allowed to take photos of the salvage operation.  And as the Wired article points out, the release of even these photos was almost stopped by legal action.

Growing New Car Stock

Car makers worldwide have struggle to rein-in production as demand for cars has plummeted.  The Guardian has created a gallery of the growing stockpile of new cars [^] around the world:

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

The patterns revealed in the photographs are amazing; they manage to make the mundane artistic. But at the same time it’s scary to think of all those cars just sitting there unwanted.