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One thing was sure, once we saw how much clearance there was between the side fence and the edge of the steps, we were glad that we made the builder change the direction that they were facing on the plan.

Laundry Steps w-e 19-11-06Family Room Steps w-e 19-11-06

So things are definitely coming along now.   Next time Kitchen and Bathroom photos.

Smiling or Straining?

Straining-Smiling.JPGNow previously this blog has managed to keep its “G” classification.

When this “G” opportunity arose how could I resist. The only problem I have is was the subject smiling or gritting his teeth straining. All I can say is, he could have at least waited until there was an actual toilet rather than using the dunny pipe!

I guess he may have found the whole experience a little easier if there had been a door to hide behind.

Inside and Out

Sorry – it’s been a little time between updates.
Last week we found that the walls inside were finished – plastering was finished, and cornices and most of the architrave fitted. The doors, internal and external had been delivered, and the shelves and rails in the wardrobes installed.

Passage w-e 12-11-06.JPGWardrobe w-e  5-11-06.JPGFront Door w-e 5-11-06.JPG

This week work had started on the steps down into the back garden outside from the laundry and the family room.

Laundry Steps w-e 12-11-06.JPGFamily Steps w-e 12-11-06.JPG

The kitchen cabinets are still about two to three weeks away, so it looks like not a lot is going to happen for a couple of weeks – but we are still hoping to have moved in before Christmas.


In pretty much a single day the vast majority of the plasterboard has gone up. Quite an impressive effort – especially for a Saturday! We are now at lock-up stage. Luckily there was a pane of glass missing form the dining room window so we could climb in and take photos of the inside. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes not being able to “see” through walls anymore! The bathroom looked big and roomy until they put in the bath, even so it’s not as cramped as it looks in this photo.

Bathroom we 15-10-06.JPG

Next we have the kitchen looking from the family room back towards the front door. We are off to talk to the cabinet maker in the coming week about colours and styles – so expect an update soon-ish

Kitchen we 15-10-06.JPG

Choices – Carpet and Tiles

Small Cannibal Rabbit LogoSorry for once there is no picture to accompany this update. We, spent a good couple of hours on Saturday choosing carpet of the the bedrooms and back hallway, and tiles for the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. The carpet was the easy part – done in under ½ hour. Tiles on the other hand took a little bit longer, especially considering we already had a reasonable idea about what we wanted – or perhaps that was the problem! But a unanimous agreement was eventually reached, although we can’t settle that until we see the cabinet maker about the kitchen cupboards.