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August, 2008:

Bread Body Parts

We are all familiar with the term “Brown Bread” [^] and I don’t mean Hovis either, but this is a little extreme!

Brown Bread

Brown Bread

Ami Kealoha at CoolHunting [^] has a story about a Thai artist, Kittiwat Unarrom, who makes life-like body parts out of bread in the family bakery!  Apparently despite the gruesome nature of the product, it still sells well and tastes just like the real thing – bread that is. 

Photo Credit:Flickr User – how can I recycle this [^].

The Customer is Always Right?


For those of you in customer service businesses, or if you are just having a bad day, this website – [^] – should be a good form of stress relief.  It is a catalogue of how wrong customers can get it, and how sometimes they come unstuck!

Somewhere just recently I came across an essay on why the customer is not always right, and case studies of companies that have successfully implemented this policy.  As soon as I find the link I will add it to this post.

Eat Breakfast at Home

Someone has finally had the courage to speak out, and ask the question “Why can’t staff eat breakfast at home?” Smartcompany [^].

Cereal Bowl: Flickr User twatson

Cereal Bowl: Flickr User twatson

I fall firmly into the “I’m not going anywhere until I’ve eaten camp” of breakfast eaters.  The thought of driving to work and then eating breakfast is completely foreign to me.  I don’t even know that I would make it to work, I’d probably pass out from hunger!

This is a discussion that has already prompted some outbursts, and I have some questions of my own:

  • How can this tiny fringe benefit makes a difference? 
  • How does being late to work, and then wasting 10-15 minutes eating breakfast make sense?

I can’t say that I’m completely against the eating breakfast at work thing, but please people show some discretion, 11 o’clock is probably a bit on the late side for brekkie, and do not even think about putting the last of the milk on your cereal – it needs to go in my coffee!

Image Credit: twatson [^]

Harbour Removal

Farm Bonfire On a trip to the farm recently we had a full on day of harbour removal.  I know that that sounds like some large-scale sea-scaping, not something that you would readily associate with an inland area like Strathbogie! 

Harbour removal is clearing of rough or overgrown areas in paddocks that can be used as safe havens for undesirable creatures, such as rabbits and foxes.  Some of this involved the removal of rough rocky outcrops, which are useful for erosion control, and the collection of fallen timber.  We collected as much of the wood we could for fire wood, the rest which was heavily burnt or rotten was collected together and burnt.  It nice to see some reward for a hard days work, and there aren’t many better rewards that a nice big bonfire.

Before anyone complains this isn’t a case of wanton destruction of native trees and habitats.  Many areas of the farm that are unsuitable for grazing, being too rough and inaccessible by humans, have been fenced-off and and returned to natural bush or replanted with native trees.  All in all a net gain for Australian flora and fauna.  In the replanted areas there has a been a noticeable increase in the number of birds, and no doubt other wildlife as well.

Eureka Carpark Melbourne

Hmm, carparks hardly what you would expect to make a great blog post! 

We are told that art work can sometimes be both eye-catching and functional.  That is definitly the case with Axel Peemoeller work at the Eureka Carpark Melbourne [^].  Axel has designed some amazingly distorted signage that “snaps” into alignment when you are lined-up with the points of entry.

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark 2
Eureka Carpark – Distorted Signage

I could point you off to the emmery website, the company that Axel was working for at the time, but it is a truly hideous flash design that that only a graphic designer, with a 40″ widescreen monitor could love.  There are absolutely no concessions made for us for people or the way that we use the internet.  Axel’s own website has the same photos, but they are much easier to view there.

It’s amazing what you can find out about the city where you live by accident.