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August 7th, 2008:

Eureka Carpark Melbourne

Hmm, carparks hardly what you would expect to make a great blog post! 

We are told that art work can sometimes be both eye-catching and functional.  That is definitly the case with Axel Peemoeller work at the Eureka Carpark Melbourne [^].  Axel has designed some amazingly distorted signage that “snaps” into alignment when you are lined-up with the points of entry.

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark 2
Eureka Carpark – Distorted Signage

I could point you off to the emmery website, the company that Axel was working for at the time, but it is a truly hideous flash design that that only a graphic designer, with a 40″ widescreen monitor could love.  There are absolutely no concessions made for us for people or the way that we use the internet.  Axel’s own website has the same photos, but they are much easier to view there.

It’s amazing what you can find out about the city where you live by accident.