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September, 2008:

The Power of Blogs

It is truly amazing the rise in the power of blogs as a communication medium.  Blogs (or web logs) started in the pre-Web 2.0 days, sometime in the mid-1990’s, as being little more than online diary or journal, hand-coded in HTML.  Now they are beginning to be seen as a valid method of communicating on a large range of ideas and issues.

One thing has brought it home to me how influential blogs have become.  A few days ago it was announced that Private Harry Lamin [^] would be commemorated on a series of British Indian Ocean Territory Postage stamps [^].  The stamps mark 90 years of remembrance for the fallen of The Great War, the 90th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Harry’s "claim to fame" is in being the subject of a blog by his grandson, who posts the the letters that Harry sent from the Front on a blog exactly 90 years after they were written.

Lamin stamps

Is this a sign of how global our outlook has become that a group of islands half-way between Africa and Indonesia is recognising the sacrifices made by "ordinary" people and families more than 90 years ago.

This is a date that deserves remembering, regardless of what has happened since.  It is a shame that Harry is being commemorated so far from home.  But it is a revelation that he is being remembered in such a manner at all.

It will be interesting to see if there are any other people recognised in this release, there are no indications on the BIOT Post Office [^].  The Australian and British Post Offices have uncharacteristically decided to let this important date slip by unremembered.

Come 11th November, here at Brizbunny "We Will Remember Them".

Jumbo Hotel

After hours couped up in a plane the last place I would have thought that anyone would have wanted to sleep would have been in another plane.  But the Swedish designer, Oscar Dios, thinks otherwise and is in the process of fitting-out a retired Boeing 747 as a hotel.  The thirty year old aircaft will be known as the “Jumbo Hostel” when it starts taking the fare-paying public again.

Stockholm Jumbo Hostel

Stockholm Jumbo Hostel

Jumbo Hostel Interior

Jumbo Hostel Interior

It has twenty five rooms, including the deluxe Cockpit Suite.  The normal rooms will have three people, in bunks, to a room and each room will have shared bathrooms and showers.  Flat-screen televisions in each room will double as arrival/departure boards – just right for the plane-spotters.

There are more Jumbo Hostel photos [^] at Wired, and there is more information at Official Jumbo Hostel Website [^].


After receiving my "Death Has Keen Eyesight" T-shirt the other day, I was severely tempted by this latest offering from shirt.woot [^].


One t-shirt combining tech-humour and zombies – what more can anyone ask for?  There is no mention of how many Vista upgraders were used in the production of this work.

Tulip Festival

Spring has sprung, Melbourne is sunny and warm.  Hopefully this means that the worst of the cold weather is over for another year, but we could still do with lots more rain.

Red Tulip

We know that Spring is here because Tesselaar Tulip Festival [^] has started, and runs from 11th September through until 8th October 2008.  The festival is a celebration of tulips and their fabulous variety colours. 

The Dandenongs have long been a stronghold for Melbourne’s Dutch community, and the festival gives the family and employees a chance to showcase Dutch culture.  Everyone working at the festival is turned out in traditional Dutch costume and clogs, and there are stalls selling poffertjes [^], and tulip bulbs and cut flowers.

Last year Mrs CannibalRabbit and I spent a few hours walking around the tulip fields and taking photo’s.  It’s probably not something that you would want to do every year – unless you are a Tulip fanatic – but it is definitely an interesting couple hours.


Red Dwarf Return

CannibalRabbit is thrilled at the rumoured return of the Red Dwarf franchise for a short ninth season.  The Sun has run a story that the cast will be back for a four episode season [^] that will combine new material with previously filmed footage.  The new shows will first be seen on digital channel ‘Dave’ [^] in the UK sometime in 2009.

red dwarf

Although I wouldn’t classify The Sun as a high-quality source, the rumour is backed up by reports of Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) letting the cat out of the bag [^] at an appearance in Seattle.

All I can say is “This is Smegging Fantastic!”