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October, 2008:

Kiwis Throw Politicians to the Dogs.

I always knew that the New Zealanders were different to everyone else.  These are sensible people, they are throwing their politicians to the dogs [^].  Unfortunately not quite literally!

The New Zealand petfood company, Mastepet has create dog toys modelled on the two leading Kiwi political leaders – the incumbent Helen Clark and challenger John Key.  The sales of the toys will be used to unofficially track voter sentiment in the lead-up to the 8th November election.  The toy that gets thrown to the dogs the most wins.

 The website has also issued some guidelines for the use of the toy:

  1. Remember your purchase is part of a political poll – your vote counts
  2. Wear suitable ear protection when supervising your dog’s playtime with the toy. As with real politicians, the squealing can become quite deafening.
  3. Keep dog on a leash if around real politicians. Masterpet does not accept any liability for dog toy mistaken identity.
  4. When choosing a toy, take your dog along with you. Man’s best friend doesn’t like political ideologies thrust upon him/her more than the next person.
  5. If your dog destroys the politician in the first five minutes don’t hold this against your dog – the media do it every week!  ( [^])

Many comenters on the site have complained that the “Hulun” Clark toy has been made to look less unattractive than the real-life version.  Is this so that the dogs don’t get scared-off?

Clark & Keys Politician Masterpet Dog Toys

Clark & Keys Politician Masterpet Dog Toys

The "Real" Helen Clark - 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand

The "Real" Helen Clark - 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand

Woman Changes Name to URL

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( is running a story about a woman who has changed her name to a internet domain name (URL) [^] by deed poll name. 

The 19 year-old American, previously known as Jennifer Thornburg, changed her name in order to protest against animal dissections in schools.  Her driving license now shows her name as being “, Cutout”. 

Apparently this has been known to prompt some discussion, but apparently her family still know her as Jennifer.  I would love to know what name she is using when she goes for a job interview!

Anyone would have thought that this is something unusual – after all there has been a for the past four years!

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Susan’s Tribute to Jyndy

Sorry, things have been a little quiet around here for the past couple of weeks, a fair bit has been going on in the CannibalRabbit Household.  Two weeks ago, we lost a member of the family – Jyndy, Susan’s Horse.  The following is Susan’s tribute to her.

It is with great sadness that I inform everyone that Jyndy was laid to rest on the 30th September.  Jyndy came into my life seven years ago, purchased from a former Yarck member, Lyn Hamilton.  This means that Jyndy has been a member of Yarck ARC longer than I have!

Jyndy was a good horse under saddle and tried hard at everything.  Jyndy was known amongst family and friends for her reputation as being a squealer, biter and kicker.  The farrier got the fright of his life when she squealed at him while he was clenching her up.  I felt her teeth at the Gymkhana a few years ago.  I ended-up with an imprint of the full set of teeth on my arm for weeks.  My brother, Graham, wore a kick one day when we were out riding, all because his horse got to close.  Graham ended up spending 6 weeks on crutches as a result of this outburst. Not happy Jyndy!!!

Jyndy won the Level 5 Dressage Series back in 2003, and also one of the unofficial dressage days at Ruffy. I also managed to point up from Level 5 to Level 4 on Jyndy.

Thanks for being such a great horse and being there for me.  I went 2 and half years between rides and you were a perfect angel when I finally rode you again.

No matter what her shortcomings were, Jyndy was a much loved member of the family and will be sorely missed.  Jyndy, enjoy your days up the paddock with your mates, especially Razz, I know the two of you will be happy together, doing the best dressage tests ever!!!

Susan and Jyndy

Susan and Jyndy

We buried Jyndy alongside Razz just on dusk up on the hill, with a fine view of the plateau and front paddocks.  Bye bye Ghostie Horse!

Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus

Visuwords is an interactive online dictionary and thesaurus [^], that will show a dictionary definition of a word in a graphical format.  This makes it a interesting, and diverting, learning and research tool, that can end up all to easily with you completely off-topic – but who says that’s a problem?  Visuwords will also show results for phrases and related phrases or words to your search terms. - Online Graphical Dictionary and Thesaurus - Online Graphical Dictionary and Thesaurus

via: bleeding edge blog [^]

No Bananas (Left) Today

There are a lot of niche blogs out there.  But I don’t think that I have found a more focused blog than this – London Bananas [^].

london bananas

All it is is photos of banana skins left in public places, so “Yes, We Have No Bananas Today[^].  Sadly there doesn’t appear to be a RSS feed on the site, so I donlt know that I will be checking-back too often.

Photo Credit:  London Bananas [^]