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March, 2009:

Fried Eggs

Nixon Watches and Accessories have got these life-like giant  Fried Egg T-Shirts [^] for sale. I think that it is safe to say that these would definitely make the wearer stand-put in a crowd.

fried egg t-shirt

Victorian Bush Fire Update

It is now almost a month since the bush fires started.  It is important to remember that some of those fires are still burning uncontrolled. People are continuing to loose their homes and livelihoods, but hopefully not their lives.

There is some hope now that the break in the weather, and the forecast week of showers may enable firefighters to get on top of the fires.  It is still expected that some blazes will need to be allowed to burn themselves out.

The Victoria Fires Map [^] , which is based on live data received from the official sites, is still showing lots of uncontrolled fires.  But in a positive light we now have a Victorian Bushfire Events Map [^] for fundraising events, co-ordinated by the Victorian Premier’s Department.