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July, 2010:

Springfield Who

Dean at Springfield Punx [^], a blog dedicated to turning characters into their Simpsons alter egos, has created a weeks worth of post with a Dr Who [^] theme. There are the Weeping Angels, Ironside Daleks and the new 1980’s kitchen appliance Daleks, and Rory, as well as the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

What are you waiting for, go and check it out.

 Matt Smith - Doctor Who Karen Gillan - Amy Pond

Liddle Fact No.220

Spring Valley juice bottles have a Liddle Fact [^] under the lid.

Liddle Fact No 220

Number 220 is “Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water”. It’s the only one so far that has made me stop and think. Does this mean that we should be making desalination plants out of penguins?

Korimco Penguin Russ Penguin Bear

And yes, penguins do drink salt water [^] and excrete the excess salt out through special glands.

Stale Cheques

Just so that I know where to find it next time that I need to settle a “discussion”; a cheque becomes stale fifteen (15) months after it is drawn. A stale cheque may be rejected by a bank – the cheque can be considered expired. In practice though banks are now likely to treat a cheque older than 6 months as being stale, which is the normal treatment in the rest of the cheque-writing world.


Sources: ANZ [^], Australasian Legal Information Institute [^].