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December 15th, 2010:

Celebrity Interviews

It’s always nice to find out a bit about the things that go on behind the scenes. Lateline’s Leigh Sales does just that in her blog – Well read-head.  In “Getting stars off message in interviews [^]“, Leigh talks about the negotiation that went on on- and off-screen to secure an interview with ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

As everyone suspects, it’s a case of juggling the interviewers search for material for their audience and the interviewee’s need to “advertise” their product; in Mr Blair’s case the “Tony Blair Faith Foundation”. I guess that the trick is to manage it all in such a way that it is still informative and pallatable to your audience.

One situation where that has gone horribly wrong of course is Michael Parkinsons interview with Meg Ryan [^] – that ended-up just above name-calling and hair-pulling. Another was Tom Cruise’s “Put your manners back in [^]” (whatever that is supposed to mean) interview with Peter Overton, that Leigh mentions. It just goes to show what a delicate balance an interview can be; an overreaction on either side can end up with the interview being a right schmozzle. Ah well, someone has got to keep the bloopers shows running!