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March 3rd, 2014:


In "Do You Really Know What Your Kids Do Online and In Games" Pete Brown tells of the real world consequences of online activities.

Two boys had complete freedom in their online activities and gaming; something we have all heard about on early evening "current affairs" type programs. But, unlike their normal response, Pete doesn’t decry the harshness of the penalty, and tell us how unjust the treatment of the boys is. The post is packed full of useful security and privacy tips, and decides that all the rules that used to be applied to "real" life (don’t get into cars with strangers, don’t tell everyone you are going on holiday) apply to online life as well. Though my favourite is:

Each and every piece of information you post on line, no matter how small, should be evaluated:

  • Could this information cause harm to anyone else if it got out?
  • If the wrong people saw this, could it cause me harm?
  • Am I sharing information that is private to someone else?
  • Is it my secret to share?

Source: Pete Brown’s [^]

Good work Pete, thanks for the big dose of common sense!