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Is the Commodore 64 on the Comeback Trail?

I saw this just before Christmas – there are plans to launch a computer capable of loading both Windows and the 8-bit Commodore 64 operating systems [^]. Now for the really cool bit! The whole package comes packed into the classic mid1980s designed C=64 case.


Also in Windows you will still be able to play your favourite C=64 games as it comes with a Windows C=64 emulator. All in all, that means that you can play Dynamite Dan, Leisure Suit Larry, and Manic Miner until your heart’s content, and pretend to do something productive at the same time.

The new PC is powered by an Intel Atom processor, 2Gb RAM comes with DVD drive and is able to read most common memory card. A distinct improvement on the 1MHz MOA 6510 CPU, 64kb RAM and separate cassette tape storage. That means no more having to wait for some dodgy cassette tape to load in an ear-splitting cacophony, and die at the last minute. Ah, the good old days.

Of course a Google will get you a C=64 emulator for download for a normal PC, but you will have to find and hack your own case.

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