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Grumpy’s blog at the Swindon Advertiser has an interesting bit about roundabouts:

It comes down to this. If anything you do on the road causes another driver to brake…. you’re in the wrong. (Grumpy Blog on Roundabouts [^])

This is probably one of the most sensible things that I have read about roundabouts.  Hurtling through a roundabout without regard to other road-users, or not indicating, is not just bad manners it is downright dangerous.  This is another case of the Golden Rule coming into play; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Grumpy goes on to single out BMW drivers as being prime culprits in the "this is my road" mentality.  There is only one thing that I would like to add to  the discussion – Mercedes drivers are as bad, if not worse!


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