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A Better Mousetrap?

rentokil mouse radarIt seems that the clever people at Rentokil have invented a better mousetrap [^].  The new and improved mousetrap has been dubbed The Mouse RADAR – Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance. 

Rentokil bill this as being a more efficient and humane way of ridding us of our small furry friends.  The Mouse Radar is a box with pressure sensitive pads in the base that detect when a mouse enters the box.  Once the “engaged” sign goes on, the box is sealed and a dose of carbon dioxide is released, sending the mouse into oblivion.  No nasty pesticides and no visible dead mouse. 

The Radar Mouse can even be set-up to send an email or SMS to notify trained “operatives” of the capture.

Zooillogix on ScienceBlogs [^] have an interesting discussion on whether or not the CO2 induced death is humane or not.  They also suggest that the next improvement to the mousetrap will be “a satellite-mounted, laser that vaporises mouse from space, using Google Earth as a tracking system.”  Now that’s what I call a mashup [^]!

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