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Onset of Christmas Delayed?

A guerrilla campaign to delay the early outbreak of Christmas [^] has started in Leeds, England.

Oxfam Christmas Card

Four shops have been warned that they face having their locks superglued if they display Christmas card before 1st November. One charity shop in the area, mental health group “Mind”, has already had it’s locks glued [^]. The evocatively named “Campaign for the Containment of Xmas” have claimed responsibility.

There is no mention of whether Contain Christmas campaign is likely to go national or even international.

CannibalRabbit appreciates that someone is willing to provoke some discussion about the selling of Christmas merchandise so early in the year. We do not, however,  condone the threat of criminal damage. We also have to point out that the campaign could be construed as being counterproductive; we now have the national newspapers publishing “Christmas” stories in August.

The simplest answer to this problem is: Just say “No” to Christmas before late November.

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