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Ghost Urn

This is just the thing for anyone that wants to hang around and keep an eye on their nearest and dearest. Anna Marineko has designed a very stylish ghost urn [^] – perfect for a Halloween freak-out

ghost urn


Just goes to show how up to date the CannibalRabbit is – here we are a week late.  But this is cool a Waterford Crystal Halloween Tealight Pumpkin, a Jack-o’-lantern, that we saw while we were on the Factory tour.  The bad news is we couldn’t buy them – otherwise you would have one Girgoyle! 

It’s commonly believed that the modern Halloween festival is derived from the Gaelic festival of Samhain, so all in all Ireland was a good place to come across this.  Although the Celtic tradition calls for a carved turnip, rather than the American pumpkin!

Waterford Pumpkin