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Unusual London Spots

The “Tired of London, Tired of Life [^]” Blog is all about the variety that can be found in London.  The title of the blog comes from Dr Samuel Johnson’s [^] “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Open Tower Bridge

Any blog that can veer between the magnificent glass and ironwork of Paddington Station [^] to a knitting shop [^] in a few days does a good job of illustrating Dr Johnsons view. Sure not every place is going to be your cup of tea, but you may just find something interesting that you wouldn’t have known about or considered.

This one is going into my feedreader so that I can keep an eye open for new places to visit on our next trip to the UK.

Lino-cut Print Making

I love watching someone who is good at their work. They make fantastic results look easy. I guess the practice helps, and all the preparation that goes into making the end product.

The Guardian has a four minute video that shows Paul Catherall [^] working on a commission for Transport for London (TfL) called Shaping the City. This give you an idea of the skill, time and hard work that go into producing something that looks as good and uncluttered as these two prints.

London from Primrose HillSt Pancras Station

And there are plenty more to check out at the Paul Catherall Site [^] and the London Transport Museum Shop [^]

Sick Cartoons

I manage to come across some really strange things in my day-to-day web-surfing.  But this takes some beating:

Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

The J C Auty and Son website [^] has a whole series of these macabre Warner Brothers cartoon posters, featuring cartoon favourite double-acts like Tom & Jerry, Bugs and Daffy, and Sylvester and Tweety.  They even have figurines based on these scenes, how cool is that?  This shop is going on to my “must visit list” next time I’m in the UK.

No Bananas (Left) Today

There are a lot of niche blogs out there.  But I don’t think that I have found a more focused blog than this – London Bananas [^].

london bananas

All it is is photos of banana skins left in public places, so “Yes, We Have No Bananas Today[^].  Sadly there doesn’t appear to be a RSS feed on the site, so I donlt know that I will be checking-back too often.

Photo Credit:  London Bananas [^]