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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Stubby Symphony

Those good people at CUB have managed to improve the iconic Victoria Bitter (VB) theme tune.  VB is probably the one beer that you can get right across Australia (we’ll have no Fosters here).  I’m not saying that it’s good, just that you can get it in any pub or bottle shop.

vb stubby symphony

Together with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, CUB have put together an ad campaign, and online companion site, The Stubby Symphony [^].  The advertisement features the MSO playing theme music by blowing or tapping Stubbies [^] or bottles of VB.

As the ads say: “… a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer you can get it … ” conducting an orchestra or writing a post, matter of fact I’ve got now.

Youtube has some of the originals – VB Ad from 1984 [^] from 1974 [^].