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Milk Beer

Bizarre Beer: Guinness Marmite and Milk Beer

Cool Hunting has an article on Marmite Guinness  [^]

In time for St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness yeast extract will be used to make a special spread, limited to 300,000 jars. It’s available today 19 February 2007 for around £2.49 from supermarkets in the UK.

While that is strange, it kind of makes sense – Marmite and Vegemite both use the left-over yeast from the brewing process.  

What is really strange is a new Japanese “innovation” in the brewing technology – Milk Beer!   Reuters[^]  have an article about a Japanese liquor-shop owner who is now making beer from milk – called “Bilk”.   Apparently public interest in the 30% Milk brew has resulted in it selling-out.   Since there is milk in there, does that mean that it’s good for you?

Marmite Guinness