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What’s Wrong with the News Today.

Do you think that there is something wrong with news outlets in the digital age? Well, “Eleven Things I’d Do If I Ran a News Organization [^]” by media expert, Dan Gilmor is the confirmation that you have been looking for. In explaining what he would do, Dan show us what isn’t happening with the news now.

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Mr Gilmor envisions the media using technology, rather than trying to fight it. The points range from the internet specific; such as embracing the hyperlink, and the use of blogs and wikis. Through to general reporting standards and accessibility; like the use of precise and neutral language, the maintenance of perpetual archives, and notifying readers of factual inaccuracies in stories.

Whether or not you agree with the details of some of the points it does raise good questions about the the way the news is delivered over the internet now. It is easy to say that these steps should be obvious, but then most things are when they are explained! It will be interesting now to see if any news organisations are paying attention. Simply put news organisations are about getting eyeballs on pages, and selling those eyeballs to advertisers. A better online product should get more eyeballs, and more advertising dollars.

I can say that I would be more inclined to pay [^] for Mr Gilmor’s vision for the news, rather than Mr Murdoch’s micro-payments for news as it is now.

Paid to Spend a Penny


People in rural India given the opportunity to get a dollar, simply by spending a penny!  The trial in Musiri, a remote town in Tamil Nadu state, is aimed at cleaning up the streets and providing basic hygiene in an area where urinating in public is common.  Agriculture officials are also investigating if the waste can be used as a crop fertiliser.

Anyway you look at it, getting paid about a dollar to spend a penny is the best return anyone is going to get in the current economic climate.  No wonder people are queuing up!

Story via: [^] and Reuters [^]
Photo Credit:  Flickr User Colin 30d [^]