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I have touched upon procrastination a little in the past. Today I found out that there is a formula that explains the psychology of motivation and procrastination [^].

Motivation Equation

In other words, if a we have a reasonable sense that something is achievable (expectancy), the pay-off is going to be high (value), the activity was planned (not impulsive) and the timeframe is short (low delay) then motivation should be high. As soon as any of these factors start to move then the motivation and chance of procrastination will also change. Any one of these factors can have a big impact on the way that someone reacts to the task.


After getting a few post out in what passes for quick succession, Pope Francis Says Relax [^] and Do Something [^], I found this lovely quote about procrastination.

You hold a doctorate in procrastination, even though you never got around to writing the dissertation.
Chris Guillebeau [^]

After saying “Do Something, Do Anything” what did I do – I just sat on it.

 Procrastinate T Shirt

Do Something

Robbie Abed reminded me that the hardest part about starting anything is how you get in your own way [^]. It’s easy to make excuses, and to get caught up in caring about what other people are going to think.

You need to remember that the hard part is starting. But, once you’ve started everything pulls together and takes shape.

Now you know that it can be done. It doesn’t matter that most of the first attempt gets discarded, that it won’t work work exactly the way you wanted. You now know if it needs to be changed or refined.

All of a sudden you have gone from having a thought to having created something. You can repeat it, make a better one.

You are now living life rather than worrying about what others think. You’ve learned that creating something is better than doing nothing.

Do Something Do Anything

Do Something Do Anything