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Simon Pegg Interview at

An interview with Simon Pegg, of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame, has just gone up at [^].  In it he talks about the development of the British hit series “Spaced”, which is just being released in the US on DVD.

The cast of Spaced

The cast of Spaced

When we wrote it, … there wasn’t a sitcom that was aimed at twenty-somethings. Everything was really off the mark. It was brightly lit sets with attractive people talking about sex. It was inaccurate. There was a lot more to it than sex. We weren’t being spoken to. As a viewer, I enjoy being spoken to very specifically. It’s amazing when you connect on a personal level. We said: “Let’s write something’s that specific to our own experience.”  Simon Pegg on

In it Simon talks about some of the movies that he has made, and is making now, and scotches the rumour that he will be the next Dr Who if David Tennant ever leaves.  Here’s looking forward to an Australian release – perhaps it can go on my Xmas pressie list!