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UK Must-Do

Giant Rabbit in London

How cool are these giant rabbit sculptures in London which showed up as the Photo of the Day [^] on Londonist. The sculpture is Spitalfield Spirit [^] by Paul Cox, and is supposed to represent the large, close knit communities of the East End. They have just gone on to my “UK Must-Do” list, so let’s hope they hang around.

London Giant Rabbits

Tube Tours

There is something about London’s Underground system, The Tube, that appeals to me. It seems more secretive than “normal” railways, sneaking around out of sight most of the time.

mind the gap

The news that there is now a London Underground and Tube Tour [^] gives me something to add to the must-do list for the next trip to UK. Now, how do I convince Mrs CannibalRabbit that she wants to spend 2 hours underground after spending a day flying half-way around the world?