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Internet Cables

Trans-Atlantic Cable

The Daily Mail has an interesting feature on the latest fibre optic cable [^] linking the UK and the USA.

The cable travels 3,800 miles underwater, carries 10,000 volts and is capable of covering the internet needs of 20 million people transmitting 3.2terabits of data per second! The article also has a look at the anatomy of an undersea cable, the business of repairing undersea cables and the predicted UK internet crisis of 2014. It helps you to realise how fragile and flexible the internet really is.

Image: MailOnline

Back-Up A Nintendo DS Lite

Now that Mrs CannibalRabbit is a gamer, complete with a Nintendo DS Lite I have another device that I have to back-up. Luckily Lifehacker has just published a guide to backing-up game cartridges [^](cart).

Nintendo DS Lite

We have already got an R4 card now i just have to go and compromise the security of our wireless network! DS Lites only work with WEP encrypted networks [^], and they are easily hacked.

Springfield Who

Dean at Springfield Punx [^], a blog dedicated to turning characters into their Simpsons alter egos, has created a weeks worth of post with a Dr Who [^] theme. There are the Weeping Angels, Ironside Daleks and the new 1980’s kitchen appliance Daleks, and Rory, as well as the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

What are you waiting for, go and check it out.

 Matt Smith - Doctor Who Karen Gillan - Amy Pond

Misery Bear

This poor little bear has been sent out on to the streets of London all in the name of comedy. To add to the adventure the soundtrack is Brick by Ben Folds Five [^] – “I’ve never felt so alone … ”. Call be sick for enjoying comedy coming out of misery, but it works!

via: Londonist [^]

Email Addresses

Nick Cernis at Modern Nerd has just written a post about the email addresses [^] that hit his inbox:

“…whenever someone new emails me, I take a few seconds to examine their email address, consider their thought process, and judge them as a human being.”

Hopefully I don’t fall into the “” category. But I do the same thing, I don’t think that I’m quite as bad as Nick though!

modernnerd email

There is one thing that does get to me; that’s when you see a business card or professionally sign-written van with their own website followed by That just screams out we have done half the job really well and completely forgotten the small detail.

If you are using anything other than you name or your business name in your email address you are missing the opportunity to make a good first impression.