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Expensive Toys

It seems that there must be a large group of people out in the world with some very deep pockets. 

Ridemaster Pro Horse Riding Simulator

Ridemaster Pro Horse Riding Simulator

The Telegraph [^] has just run a “report” about the a horse-riding simulator.  Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of horse riding without any of the downsides, apart from a £40,000 price tag.  Apparently the Ridemaster Pro is “perfectly schooled and capable of doing advanced movements such as medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back.”

All that and no agistment, feeding, mucking-out or vet bills to worry about  The big question then is, how will the rider cope when faced with an independently-minded, free-spirited or just plain frisky mount?  Some might say that this is just a large, and expensive, rocking horse.  How bout making things a little more interesting and life-like by combining some of the circuitry from a bucking bronco machine?

Perhaps slightly less useful, but way more impressive is a life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Now the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research [^] are willing to supply you with one of these for a mere $100,000US.  Not bad value for money when you consider it’s 40 feet long and stands at around 12 feet tall at the hips!  To top it all off, a crew of six people can have one of these monsters assembled in under an hour.

Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex

Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rampaging Rabbit T-Shirt

I just knew that I had to have this T-shirt as soon as I saw it; even though it’s yellow!

death has keen eyesight

A brief panic ensued when I realised that it was yesterday’s shirt, and the good people at [^] release a new design every day.  I thought that I had missed out, but luckily there were left-overs.  This t-shirt is titled "Death has Keen Eyesight [^]" and has more than a little of the "Were-Rabbit [^]" about it.

Now I just have a four or five weeks to wait until it’s delivered.

Suicidal Animals

CannibalRabbit comes across some bizarre things in a days surfing, that’s for sure. 

But a website devoted to images of animals that are begging to be consumed is definitely something that needs to be publicised.  The image of Bugs Bunny, offering us his tasty flesh, pretty much guaranteed it’s inclusion here. 

Once someone points out to you how disturbing this is you may start to questioning the things that you have been accepting without a second thought.  The website has plenty to explore; pigs made from a deli ham and much, much more at the suicide food website [^]

Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3!

An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch.  Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3 – [^]

For a small, furry, kinda cute, little creature they sure seem to cause a fair bit of havoc.  This just goes to show that the Swindon incident wasn’t a one off.  Although it does show one thing – those German pensioners are a tough bunch – taking on a squirrel with a crutch.  It obviously wasn’t one of these giant Cornish Squirrels.

Giant Squirrel shot and killed in Cornwall…

Giant Squirrel

Mr D’ath very kindly sent me this photo the other day of the giant squirrel shot and killed in Cornwall.

After a bit of Googling I managed to find where it came from: Cheezy’s Blog – Scratch & Sniff. Surprisingly there do not seem to be all that many giant squirrels being killed in Cornwall!

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