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Terry Pratchett – Who

It easy having disparate interests; like science fiction and fantasy. We all manage it, and cope with it. But, what could be better than an unanticipated overlap? For me Sir Terry Pratchett talking about Dr Who [^] can only be described as pure bliss.


Sir Terry’s story isn’t one of unquestioning adoration, and that makes it better. He acknowledges the flaws, and they upset him as a storyteller. Terry’s relationship with Dr Who has waxed and waned as his life has changed. But he keeps coming back and like the rest of us he accepts it with the flaws and even with the shaky sets of the old Dr Who.

It seems that everyone who had ever watched Dr Who has had a watching through their fingers, or hiding behind the sofa moment. And the Weeping Angels have managed to send a tingle down my spine.

Now how do we get a Dr Who / Discworld cross-over?

Facebook Privacy Settings

Are you terminally bewildered when you want to edit your Facebook privacy settings? Well the NY Times has proved that you are not alone, it turns out that there are more than 170 options [^]. And to make matters worse, not all of the options are where you would expect to find them!

facebook privacy map

All this makes it even harder for the users to be sure of what bits of “their” information Facebook is showing the world, or Google. Also in the article is a word count of the site’s privacy statement – from 1,004 words in 2005 to today’s 5,830. Does anyone read them all?

Good news, Wired have just reported that Facebook’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Sparapani, has announced that new “simplistic” privacy options [^] will be launched in coming weeks. Apparently this has came about as a result of the recent user backlash about privacy changes.

If you are fed-up with the treatment you get LifeHacker has a guide on how to set-up a minimalist Facebook profile [^]. Another option is the the [^] bookmark that scans your Facebook profile and shows you a summary of your privacy settings. The bookmark also displays links to the various settings, making changing them a lot easier.

Of course there is always the self destruct option of deleting your account!


Sorry about the language, but I love this spring picture of a little girl romping through the tulips [^]:


The picture originally started off as a spring feature [^] in the Boston Globe, without the extra caption! That little bit, especially the “right in the face” just gives it an extra boost.

A Story That Needs to be Told

This is a story that needs to be told, and retold. As Rui points out this is a story that matters [^]. Even though this is important in it’s own right it is a part of bigger story.

 Miep Gies

Miep Gies [^] was a secretary during World War 2. The thing that makes her so interesting is her boss’s daughter – Anne Frank. Miep was one of the group that helped to hide and support the Franks, another family and a lone dentist; eight people in all. Mrs Gies passed away in January aged 100, the last of the Frank carers.

Without this lady, and her colleagues, we wouldn’t have the Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl [^]. A book that I had been meaning to read had now made it as my next read.


Skellie has this simple productivity tip:

One thing at a time.

Most important thing first.

Start now.

(Source: [^])

Unlike most getting things done (GTD) philosophies it’s short, simple and to the point.

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