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New Names

Raw Toast

At last a website that understands the way that I think. Superlinguo has a post suggesting alternative names for everyday things [^]; bread is raw toast, and kittens are cat puppies. That all makes way more sense, and confuses people a little bit.

Word For The Day: Resistentialism

Resistentialism is one of those ideas that has occasionally niggled away at the back of my mind, but I have never been able to put a word to. Resistentialismis Paul Jennings’ comedic theory that inanimate objects show malicious or spiteful behaviour towards humans; almost as if they are at war with us. Next time you “misplace” your keys you will know exactly what I mean – where can they possibly be hiding?

car keys

Thanks have to go to Mark Frauenfelder for naming this thought in his on Dinosaurs and Robots about the finger-slicing razor and his bulldog clip revenge [^].

Sixpence Cufflinks

Sometimes my creative urge gets tickled. That was definitely the case when I saw these sixpence cufflinks [^] from Thornhill Jewellery.

 sixpence cufflinks

I don’t object to the price – £30 seems quite reasonable. It’s just that all of a sudden it doesn’t look all that hard. After all you can get 100 cufflink backs for about $50, then you can put whatever you want on the front. But I may get tempted in the meantime.

Phoney Phone Boxes

I think that I have found something to go on my Christmas Present list for next year – a fake British Phone Box [^]. Now given the £1,500 price tag without shipping from the UK, I don’t think it will be coming anytime soon. But there’s no harm in dreaming is there.Replica Phone Boxes

Now surely I’m not the only person in Melbourne / Australia that could find a space for one of these in their garden, am I? Also I notice that Phoney Box offer a hire-service what a great way of stirring up interest at a convention, one of these beauties covered in your brand’s vinyl coating. Now that would be a major talking point! And somewhere where you could make a phone call and stand still be heard.

Have I just identified two new business opportunities for CannibalRabbit Enterprises?

Popular PINs

Have you ever wondered how secure your Credit Card or EFTPOS PIN is? We the clever folk at DataGenetics have worked out the most and least popular Personal Identifying Numbers [^], see if you are on the list.

Out of 10,000 possible combination (0000-9999) the top 3 most “popular” PINs (1234, 1111, and 0000) account for almost 20% of PINs used! So for your normal three guesses and it swallows the card Teller Machine, there is a one-in-five chance of “guessing” the right number. Other popular choices are years (19xx) and day and month combinations (ddmm, mmdd), which are probably easy to guess if you know the person.

Leaked PINs

Leaked PINs