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September, 2006:

The Little People

Little People – a tiny street art project.   This has really been amusing me over the past couple of weeks.   Little people set up in big locations around London.

Just goes to prove what they say about small things amusing small minds I guess.

Bricked-up Front of the House

The front of the house now has all of the bricks in place, and the garage floor has been leveled out.

We have had a few problems with power points and so on being missed off of the final plans, and not being installed.  Luckily we managed to catch that before the plasterboard went up so that was easily fixed – an another couple of points added.  I’m sure that once we move in we will find that we are still short!

Move in date is looking like being at the end of November.

Big Cats On The Prowl

Small Cannibal Rabbit LogoThe Adver [^] has a warning to Watch Out For Big Cats On The Prowl

“You have quite a few lynx and black cats in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties such as Dorset and Somerset also certainly have their fair share,” Mr Bamping said.
“The south west is a real hotspot in the country for sightings of unusual animals, and sightings are going up all the time.”
The recent study, conducted by Beastwatch UK, said that almost 6,000 big cats, 3,389 sharks, more than 1,000 wild boar and 51 wallabies had been spotted in the UK over the last six years.

Now Wallabies we can live with, they are just big rabbits (and the dog whole-heartedly agrees with that), but big cats and wild boar . . . .  Not nice!

We will hopefully be following-up this with some of the recent discussions in Victoria, Australia of the existence or otherwise of big cats.  

As South Park’s Office Barbrady says: “Move right along, nothing to see here, cows turn themselves inside-out all the time.”

Bricks are going up

Another flurry of activity this week. We stopped by the house to find almost all of the brick are up. Saturday afternoon the Brickies were still hard at it, on the long straight side of the house, with only really the bit around the windows for the Master Bedroom to go.

So this week you get a rear view, as that part looks almost finished. We’ve got the doorway to storage area and the big window at the end of the family room on the left hand side, and the study window in the shade.

Back we 17-9-06.JPG

Some of the lawn has survived so far, and all of the plants along the back fence are still going strong – we’ve got grapefruit, passionfruit and lemons to look forward too. It looks like there is going to be lot of gardening to do over summer.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss SunshineLMS Movie Poster

Susan got free tickets the other day to go and see “Little Miss Sunshine”.   What a fantastic movie – and the ending really makes it – because it isn’t the one that we usually get.   In movie terms we are dealing with a “normal” family!

The movie centres around Olive, a 6 year old who has managed to make it into the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine talent quest.   The family needs to get from Albuquerque to California in two days.   All of the usual Road trip movie events are there.

Wikipedia has as much detail as you could possibly want.   Go and check it out.   One thing that I couldn’t help thinking of was the classic Bugs Bunny line: “I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque”.   This is one seriously laugh-out loud movie – it’s oh so good because it’s oh so wrong.