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March 22nd, 2008:

…."Stardust": Neil Gaiman.

Stardust_Neil GaimanI must admit that I started reading this with very fond reminiscences of Neil’s co-authored “Good Omens” (Terry Pratchett being the other author).  In Stardust we have a reasonably fast-paced, vividly realised  fairy tale centred around Tristran Thorn – and as a fairy tale it is a good work.  Tristran, in an attempt to gain the love of the most beautiful girl in the village, goes through to the Faerie lands beyond The Wall in search of a fallen star.  Passing through The Wall is not something to be done lightly, in fact the Villagers guard the gap to ensure that no-one passes.

After a diet of fully-fleshed out, sometimes flabby fantasy, this brief work comes as a pleasant surprise.  “Stardust” is a real page-turner, the disappointing thing is that Neil telegraphs the coming events, leaving us few if any surprises.  That said I am looking forward to reading more of Neil’s work, I just don’t know that Stardust will be a “keeper”.

Happy Easter 2008.

Happy Easter everyone, from a Warm, Angry Bunny (Hot Cross Bunny).

Hot Cross Buns

For me food-wise Easter is about good yeasty, hot cross buns –  the real sort with peel and fruit – true seasonal food.  But feel free to indulge in the other “flavours”; Mrs CannibalRabbit prefers the Chocolate variety.

And of course, Easter is not just about food, as much as Cadbury and other commercial enterprises would like us to believe otherwise.  Even with the Christian meaning of this time of year, it is a time for celebration, feasting and for family.

Syllabub has a  hot cross bun recipe,  and a story about the quest for fresh yeast here [^].

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