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May 24th, 2009:

Toilet Paper Canned

This is one of those story’s that you wouldn’t believe unless it came from a good source. The ABC, Australia’s national broadcaster, has run a story about a school that has pulled the toilet paper [^] out of the toilet blocks.

Magda Sorbent Fast Forward

The school in question is Glossop High School’s middle campus, in South Australia’s Riverland. Apparently the decision is a temporary response to a spate of vandalism. “Dunny dockets” are still available on request from members of staff, but who would want to ask?.

This reminds me of the series of skits on the comedy show Fast Forward (click on photo above for the skit on youtube) by Magda Szubanski that parodied a Sorbent Toilet Paper ad. The parodies were so successful that the comedienne ended-up starring in her own TV ad for Sorbent [^].