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May 9th, 2010:

Mary and Max

Mary and Max

Mrs CannibalRabbit and I shuffled into the City a few months ago to see the Mary and Max exhibition [^] at the ACMI [^]. Mary and Max [^] is the story of a trans-Atlantic pen friendship between Melbourne girl Mary, and New Yorker, Max, which spans twenty years. The free show has many of the props, sets and characters used to make Adam Elliot’s stopmotion claymation movie. The items on display were salvaged at the end of filming, the rest being destroyed.  Also on display are making-of videos and interviews with Adam.

Even though we haven’t seen the film we both enjoyed seeing how it was made and seeing some of the behind the scenes tricks. The teasers we saw at ACMI have been good; now we just have to sit down and watch the DVD.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 6th June 2010. Coming up later in the year is a Tim Burton exhibition, covering all of his work up to Alice in Wonderland.