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Echidna – Upclose & Personal

Echidna - Upclose & Personal

I have found echidnas to be a touch tricky to take photos of in the past.   As soon as they see you coming the head ducks down and they start to dig in.   If you are patient usually the nose will peek out – but as soon as you get the beep of the auto-focus snapping-in that’s it, all you get is a small mound of prickles!   This one however was quite accommodating – that may have had something to do with all the ants around at the time – they don’t call them spiny ant eaters for nothing!

Australian Echidnas are one of only three species monotreme, egg-laying mammals, in the world – more details about  Echidnas can be found on the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries and Water Website  [^].

Echidna LeftEchidna - Upclose & PersonalRHS Echidna

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