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Bunny Phobia

A story in the Telegraph of a German teacher with a phobia of rabbits [^] has been running around the internet [^] for the past week of so.

bunny phobia

Apparently a student drew a rabbit on the blackboard knowing that it would affect the teacher. The teacher is now seeking compensation for the distress and loss of earnings.

My guess is this teacher is going to find it hard to go back into the classroom now that word is well and truly out. In fact with a phobia like this how does the teacher manage to leave the house – especially around Easter time! Or is this a hoax?

Interestingly although Leporiphobia shows up on the ‘net as the irrational fear of rabbits no reliable source will confirm this. Just goes to show you can’t believe everything that you “research” with Google. Rabbits do belong to the Leporidae [^] family so it looks right; but bunny-phobia sounds better!

Thanks for the tip-off Larry, I thought it was just me being a bunny-phile and no-one else would find this interesting. Obviously I was wrong.


  1. LarryL says:

    Well there IS a phobia that somewhere somehow a duck is watching you – Anatidaephobia (Rare but real) so it may be true lol

  2. SpiegelOnline has just reported that the teacher has lost the case [^], apparently a defamation case. The loss came about since the rumour being spread namely that the teacher was afraid of rabbits was a fact.

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