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Banksy Works For Sale

There is an article in the Independent about a gallery in London with original works by Banksy for sale [^].

We’ve mentioned Banksy, and how much we like his work before. And the fifteen works that the Independent have on their website are well worth checking out.  This is one of them, “Heavy Weaponry”:

Banksy: Heavy Weaponry

Banksy: Heavy Weaponry

Banksy: Surreal Art

I’ve heard the phrase “Elephant in the room”, that is an obvious truth or point that everyone present avoids.  This piece by Banksy [^] however brings this to life.

 Banksy - elephant in the room

Banksy is a stenciller / graffiti artist with an often surreal or satirical lean, and sometimes confronting images.

Every so often there are email compilations or his work or some mainstream press-coverage.  The website may not have the best navigation, and the load time on some pages can be a little slow, but it is well worth the wait.  For more about Banksy [^] check-out Wikipedia.

On the way, I had a slight detour via Wikipedia’s Elephant Joke [^] page – just the sort of thing that appeals to CannibalRabbit’s twisted sense of humour!