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An iPhone Killer

Are you sick and tired of devices that over-promise and under-deliver. Their reviews proclaiming the next “killer” peripheral?

Well for once Wired have reviewed a gadget that does exactly what it says on the label – an iPhone killer [^]. And to make it even better, if thats possible, it is an open-source design as well. That means that anyone can take the plans and build there own, or even redesign it to better suit their purpose. Meet the iPhoneKiller – a 1.6kg piece of steel mounted on an axe handle!


Kadushin iPhoneKiller

Kadushin iPhoneKiller


Another bonus is that the iPhoneKiller is fully compatible all existing models, with newer models, such as the just released iPad, and no doubt with all sorts of iGadgets not yet released. I have a feeling that the iPhoneKiller will be brand-agnostic and is likely work on all sorts of non-Apple technology.

The design is available [^] at the creators website, and for all you Apple-lovers no iPhones were harmed in the design of the iPhoneKiller.