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Twisted Toys


TurtleCamper Toy at

My first impression was that this was some strange StarWars cross-over, but it is even better than that.  This toy at [^] brings new meaning to the term “Grey Nomads”.   Grey Nomads [^] are normally people who are 50+ and travelling around Australia, usually with a campervan or caravan.

Strangeco website describes this toy as:

A new limited edition vinyl figure from Jeremy Fish, the Turtle Camper lives inside it’s head and travels the world at a slow and steady pace.

In other words the perfect Grey Nomad – it plods along and holds up traffic!  The CannibalRabbit will continue to his bit in bringing more strange and twisted toys to light.

Test Lab Bunny

By now, some of you must be beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with CannibalRabbit.  It seems that tortured teddies are appearing everywhere at the moment! 

Test Lab Rabbit

Flickr Photo: Test lab bunny

Apparently this poor hand-crafted creature is a test lab rabbit, and you could buy they from the craft website [^].  He has had so many brain experiments conducted upon him that his brain just pops out!  Some days I know how he feels!

Twisted Bears


For those of you who think that CannibalRabbit is a bit bizarre or warped, then check-out the Kent Rogowski website [^].  Kent has unstitched a series of stuffed toys, turned them inside-out and re-stuffed them.

“They are at once hideous yet cuddly, disturbing yet endearing, absurd yet adorable…”

I don’t think that there is anything else that I can say!  Head over to the website to see more.