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Ghost Town

Ghost Town by The Specials is an eminently hummable tune and to find a fragment of it in the Coventry Transport Museum was an unexpected delight.

Ghost Town

Selfie Queen

Someone got hold of Daddy’s phone and Daddy.

March 17 MM and ZM

Abandoned …

A quiet drive through the suburban Frankston can reveal a few unusual sights. But this takes the cake! I just hope that the current affairs shows don’t get hold of this story – Tiger lion’ around Frankston childcare centre.

Abandoned TigerAbandoned Tiger 2

CannibalRabbit Family at Lake Eildon 2011

After the Alexandra Show, where Monty got Best of Breed, we headed up to the Lake Eildon [^] dam wall at Eildon. After a wet year the lake is almost full, something that has only happened six times in the past 50 years [^].

CannibalRabbits at Lake Eildon

Furphy Tank End

Furphy Tank  End

I spotted an Australian icon at the Kyabram Show – a Furphy Water Tank [^] end.

The Furphy water cart was an early exercise in branding. One of the key parts of the brand was the “Good, better, best – never let it rest – till your good is better – and your better best” seen here at the bottom of the end.

The Pitman shorthand [^] across the middle of the tank says “Water is the gift of God but beer and whiskey are concoctions of the Devil, come and have a drink of water”. The additional Pitman section between Shepparton and the middle band has Billy Hughes [^] slogan “Produce and populate or perish” – one of the main concerns in Australia in the middle of World War 2.

The water cart gave rise to the term “Furphies” – information of a dubious nature, some might even say rumours!