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January, 2009:

Teddy Bear Coat

There is no denying that we like to see terrible things done to toys and teddy bears. My sister, Girgoyle, has a coat that she likes to say is made out of teddy bear insides. Well this work by artist Sebastian Errazuriz [^] takes that one step further, a coat made out of teddy bear outsides – teddy leather if you will.

Sebastian Errazuriz Teddy Bear Coat

Sebastian Errazuriz Teddy Bear Coat

There are other treasures hidden away [^] on this horribly flash-driven site that you can’t link to, such as a belt made of belt buckles, a Tom Baker Dr Who inspired tie, and a lego man bike helmet.

Via: BoingBoing [^]

Growing New Car Stock

Car makers worldwide have struggle to rein-in production as demand for cars has plummeted.  The Guardian has created a gallery of the growing stockpile of new cars [^] around the world:

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

The patterns revealed in the photographs are amazing; they manage to make the mundane artistic. But at the same time it’s scary to think of all those cars just sitting there unwanted.

Ice Cream Causes Positive Alcohol Reading

If this hadn’t happened in a court I probably wouldn’t believe it.

A Victorian man faced the Magistrates’ Court, accused of driving with a positive blood alcohol reading.  The man claimed that the reading was the result of eating a “Bubble O’ Bill” [^] ice-cream, when he stopped to fill his car at a service station.

Streets Bubble O Bill

The magistrate was sceptical, and demanded that the man prove the claim, so the defendant was forced to leave the court and buy  the offending food.  Prior to eating the ice cream in court the man returned a negative breath test.  After eating part of the ice cream the police administered the test again and returned a reading of 0.018.

It seems that the accused man had disabled an alcohol interlock device in his car.  The device is generally a requirement for drivers regaining their license after a drink-drive conviction, and prevents the car being started unless a negative breath test is registered. 

The man had allegedly disabled the device because of the positive reading that it had returned.  It is well known that breath-testing units can return a positive reading for a number of foods and drink that do not contain alcohol, and it is recommended that no foods be consumed for 15 minutes prior to using the interlock (Assistant Commisioner Ken Lay [^]).

Husband Creche

I have just found this post by Arbroath [^] – a sign for a “Husband Crèche”.  Can there be a wife, or a husband, that wouldn’t want one of these?  Somewhere safe to leave your nearest and dearest when you’ve got to get thing done.

Husband Creche - by Nothing to do With Arbroath

Husband Creche - by Nothing to do With Arbroath

Tony Hart

I saw today that one of my childhood staples has left us.  Tony Hart, the television artist from “Take Hart” and “Hartbeat” died on the 18th January at the age of 83. 

Tony Hart was always enthusiastic about his work, and was known to use almost any medium to produce work.  On one occasion he painted an elephant on a runway with whitewash, another time producing a work by suspending paint-filled Fairy Liquid bottles over a paper-covered floor.  His style and fun-filled attitude have helped to encourage generations of budding artists, as well as entertaining those of us who are less able.

My enduring memory of Tony is of  his clay Aardman-created side-kick, Morph [^].  Good-Bye Mr Hart.


Links: BBC News Obituary [^], Tony Hart Official Website [^].