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August, 2010:

Beechworth – Sigrid Thornton

We were in Beechworth three weeks ago for the Ned Kelly Festival 2010 [^]. The festival commemorates the committal trial of the outlaw Ned Kelly [^] in 1880 after his capture at Glenrowan [^].

There was an added attraction for many people, beside the re-enactments, with the appearance of The Man from Snowy River’s Sigrid Thornton [^]. The local media were out in force.

Sigrid Thornton - Beechworth

Glass-Bottomed Hot Air Balloon

The world’s first glass-floored hot air balloon [^] was launched at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. And designer, Lindstrand Balloons, have plans to launch more in the near future.

Glass-Bottomed Hot Air Balloon Now I will readily admit to being amazed by hot air balloons, even getting married in one. But the thought of looking straight down between your feet at the ground doesn’t exactly thrill me. Then again, you can’t say that you don’t like something until you’ve tried it, and you do have to face your fears. Looks like I’ve just found an excuse for my next flight.

Via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath

Monty the Corgi

The CannibalRabbits have just got a new pet, Monty the Tricolour Corgi dog. A little bundle of energy one minute, and asleep the next. At twelve weeks old he looks huge, has massive paws and it very adventurous.

After we lost Chloe earlier on in April we wanted as big a change as we could get and still have a corgi. Being mostly black, coming with a tail and being a boy he is going to be quite a bit different. Welcome home, Monty.

Monty 14-Aug-2010

Monty 14-Aug-2010 2


Dropbox is a free online backup [^] or file storage service  that automatically saves versions of your files as you update them. An added advantage is that the Dropbox application only uploads the changed part of the file, meaning that it’s fairly fast, and you can get access to your files from anywhere via the web.

The free account comes with 2Gb, and you get a free upgrade of 250Mb for every person that you refer – so help me to boost my storage limit [^].