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July, 2010:

Fractal Teddy Bear

Meet Mandlebrot the Fractal Bear [^], designed by Mouse Reeve at Buttons for Mouse. I want one.

mandelbrot teddy bear

Fractals [^] are amazing things that appear the similar at any level of magnification, just like Mandlebrot’s hands.

Self Portrait

The February sun and the angle don’t do me many favours but here goes anyway.

CannibalRabbit Self Portrait

CannibalRabbit in farm attire in the middle of a paddock, looking very chunky!

Internet Cables

Trans-Atlantic Cable

The Daily Mail has an interesting feature on the latest fibre optic cable [^] linking the UK and the USA.

The cable travels 3,800 miles underwater, carries 10,000 volts and is capable of covering the internet needs of 20 million people transmitting 3.2terabits of data per second! The article also has a look at the anatomy of an undersea cable, the business of repairing undersea cables and the predicted UK internet crisis of 2014. It helps you to realise how fragile and flexible the internet really is.

Image: MailOnline

A Technical View of the Filter

Gizmodo has a look at the proposed compulsory Australian Internet Filter [^] proposed by the Federal Government. The article has a look at how filtering systems work – either by IP address, domain name or specific pages. The story is a good primer on the mechanics of web filtering, and interestingly it includes a brief description of how these filters can be easily by-passed.

fight the filter

All of this without even discussing the ramifications of the black-list being secret. Tied to this is the fact that there are already falsely blocked sites [^] on the list without a process being in place for a review.

One Gizmodo commenter points out that the education sector has plenty of experience in filtering, with little success,  but no-one from that area has been consulted. The education sector is one group with a high degree of control over physical security, the ability to lockdown the operating system and access rights, and a supposedly “inexperienced” user-base up against trained professionals. How can the Government hope to improve on this set of circumstances?

With an election pending and the obvious technical difficulties the filter has been deferred [^] for a year.

Back-Up A Nintendo DS Lite

Now that Mrs CannibalRabbit is a gamer, complete with a Nintendo DS Lite I have another device that I have to back-up. Luckily Lifehacker has just published a guide to backing-up game cartridges [^](cart).

Nintendo DS Lite

We have already got an R4 card now i just have to go and compromise the security of our wireless network! DS Lites only work with WEP encrypted networks [^], and they are easily hacked.