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October, 2008:

Sesame Street – Country Road Credit Sequence

No, this isn’t some bizarre John Denver-Sesame Street crossover.  A little while ago I was talking to someone about Sesame Street.  I said that I always remembered someone driving along, but without a car, over the credits.  This earned me disbelief, the early onset of dementia was the implied diagnosis!

Well a little bit of Googling and I ended up at Youtube, and the Country Road Credits [^].  I’m not sure that this is the sequence that I was thinking of – but it does prove a point.  It seems that these credits ran from Season 6 through to Season 9.

Now all I have to do I remember who it was that I was talking to!

Sesame Street Season 9 Credits

Post Secret – Secrets Shared

Post Secret [^] is a site that allows people to anonymously share their secrets with the rest of the wired world.  It ranges from the self-aware to the disturbing, via risque.

toilet paper -

This is another one of those websites that I will be coming back to.

How the Music Industry Causes Piracy

Geek-favourite comic strip [^] has a just posted a  comic about music piracy.  It  explains how by using Digital Rights Management (DRM) [^], or copy protection,  the music industry causes the very thing that it seeks to eradicate – music piracy.

xkcd explains piracy

xkcd explains piracy

Basically those of us who want to do the right thing are forced to do the wrong thing to get the right answer – the ability to listen to the music.  And you all thought that the Wall*E movie pirate post was a joke!  This is the bind that the USA’s DMCA [^], and recent or upcoming changes to copyright legislation worldwide are forcing honest consumers to deal with.

A Green Christmas

Yes, I know that it is only October but people are starting to think about Christmas already.

This f-bomb laden website offers some guidelines [^] for an environmentally friendly Christmas.  The site was spurred on by the fact that an estimated $1b was spent on unwanted presents in 2007 in Australia, and £2.3b in the UK.

The top tips are:

  1. Send e-cards
  2. Avoid gifts with too much packaging
  3. Use recyclable shopping bags

Check the website for the other seven tips [^] to avoiding a throw-away Christmas.  Or buy the shirt and help spread awareness of the damage that our Christmas waste causes.

Vote Rick 08

It seems like the tail-end of 2008 is shaping-up the election zone: New Zealand and MTV’s Best Act Ever.  Is there anything else happening?

Rick Astley Best Act Ever

We’ve already commented on the Kiwi Election, and the pet food company’s attempt to predict the result.  As part of the MTV European Music Awards, MTV is trying to find what it’s viewers and website users consider to be the best act ever. 

Who is in the shortlist for the "Best Act Ever"?  Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Rick Astley, Tokio Hotel, and U2 (MTV Europe Music Awards [^]).  I like some of these acts.  But really, some of those acts have only been around for five minutes, why didn’t they add Joe Dolce and Paris Hilton?

In light of the crappy choices the Best Act Ever website [^] was set-up.  If you have bad choices you may as well make the most of it, and ensure that the most worthy contender wins.  To helo this happen the site includes an automated Rick voter – leave your browser on this website and the votes for Rick keep on rolling in.  There are also freely downloadable tools that let you do it yourself.

So is this fair for the competition? Who cares, if anyone does they can download and hack the tools to vote for someone else.  Who cares anyway, no-one except maybe U2 belongs in the list.  Any list of best acts ever should include the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and any number of other long-time serial hit-makers.

Here is an opportunity to get RickRolled [^], and still get to see what you want!

CannibalRabbit admission: I liked Rick way back in 1987, and "I’m never gonna give him up [^]"