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January, 2011:

Speed Kills

Here at BrizBunny we are serious about speeding; and sometime a road safety campaign comes along that is worth mentioning. The town of Speed in North Western Victoria is now campaigning for supporters [^] on facebook to change it’s name to “SpeedKills”. All it takes is 10,000 likes.

Speed Kills

The 45 people of Speed say “Too many people are killed or injured on our country roads. We’re fed up and want to do something about it.” They now have over 28,000 likes, so it looks as though there is going to be a new landmark sign on Victoria’s roads. Head on over to facebook and check out the videos they have up with locals explaining the campaign.

Before & During the Brisbane Floods

The ABC has just put up a series of before and during photos of the floods [^] that recently struck Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

The photos really bring home how widespread the flooding really was. It’s shocking to see some areas Brisbane that I am familiar with under water; and we can’t begin to understand what it is like for Queenslanders.

Our thoughts go out to all of those people that have to live with and clean-up the effects of this disaster. But there is something that you can do: donate to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal [^].

Brisbane Southbank - 2011 Flood

Monty December 2010

Back due to popular demand we have another Monty photo. The ears are up properly, and he’s getting a nice corgi-shaped head. He and Mrs CannibalRabbit are well into Dog Shows now. Monty has now won a couple of firsts in his class, and managed to get Reserve Dog (second place) a fortnight ago.

Monty Dec 2010

2011 Doctor Who Figurines

As if one set of Dr Who characters were not enough, the BBC has just announced a new set of Dr Who figurines [^]. The new set features Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

2011 Dr Who Figurines

Character Options' Dr Who Figurines

A Cyberman is again present, as are the new, bigger, more colourful 1970’s  kitchen appliance style Daleks. A new addition is the creepy weeping angel. Just remember that anything that portrays an angel gains the abilities of an angel, and will eventually become one!