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November, 2010:

Things That Make Me Smile

Being a CannibalRabbit can be a serious business. But, believe it or not, there are some things that actually make me smile. Today I was going to drop 1000 Awesome Things out of my subscription list, but this morning Neil had posted this awesome thing: #371 Seeing old people holding hands [^].

old couple holding hands 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: darwin.wins

I realised then that everytime I see old people holding hands in public I smile a little; and hope that I’m still doing that with Mrs CannibalRabbit when we are old and grey!

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The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha

Dangerous Stuff

Wow, if you didn’t already know that sugar is not good the infographic “Sweet Facts About Sugar[^] should help you change your mind.

14 facts about sugar

Point 10 is one of the most important: “Refined Sugar has no nutritional value, besides empty calories”. I’m so glad that I gave up sugar in tea and coffee, that means that I can enjoy it in sweets and lollies – where it’s supposed to be!