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February, 2011:

Best Minor Puppy in Group 5

Monty 13-Feb-2011

Monty and Mrs CannibalRabbit took out Best Minor Puppy in Group 5 at the Berwick All Breeds Kennel Club show on Sunday (13-Feb-2011). They were also awarded Reserve Corgi Dog. Congratulations to them both, the hard work is beginning to pay off.

Group 5 is the working dog class. Winning the group meant that they went on to compete against all of the other best in group Minor Puppies (6 to 9 month olds) in the show. The photo below is a moment in the Best Minor Puppy in Show ring when the judge’s concentration was elsewhere.

13-Feb-2011 Best Minor Puppy

Lost Formats

The Lost Formats Preservation Society [^] was formed to save dead and dying media formats from obscurity. It is an incomplete collection, with silhouettes and a brief history of each format featured. The versatile Compact Cassette brought back some memories: cassette players mangling prized audio tapes, and waiting for computer games to load on a Commodore only to fail at the last minute. Ah, those were the days!